About Us


The Mission

Can't Keep Silent is all about freeing and equipping people to boldly walk in the fullness of their God-given identity, potential, purpose and destiny. 


The Founder - Lydia Clarke

Lydia's passion is summed up in the mission statement of Can't Keep Silent. She fulfills this passion through prophetic teaching, small group facilitation and prayer ministry.  Many have been delivered and healed from bondages of the heart, soul and body because of the truth she speaks in love.  Her transparency and "realness" about her own issues and experiences makes those to whom she ministers (any gender or age) comfortable in being transparent themselves and open to receive all God has for them. Lydia and her husband of 35 years, Elder Timothy Clarke, were licensed to the ministry in 1992.  His giftings in music make their ministry together even more impactful and life-changing. The Lord has blessed them with five children and six grandchildren.

The Name

The name of this ministry is derived from the book Lydia authored entitled, Can't Keep Silent.    Its controversial topics regarding abortion and post-abortion trauma are those on which many choose to remain silent.  However, the Lord mandated Lydia to share her testimony and insight into abortion she received as a result of an abortion she had at age 15.  But the mandate does not stop there.  The Lord has called Lydia to boldly address the issues which keep His people from being all they can be.